Recent Projects


A custom portable computer inspired by the cyberpunk aesthetic. Features a 3840x1080p IPS display and contains an Udoo Bolt v8 SBC with 32GB ram and a 1TB SSD.

Game Development

Throughout the past year I have been sharpening my game design and development skills. This is a compilation of some of my favorite experiments and creations.


Robotics project driven by three Herkulex DRS-0101 Smart Servos and an Arduino. The plan is to eventually script animation sequences and dynamic interactivity.


A pumpkin that plays Pong! Created with an Arduino, a 16x16 LED matrix, and two potentiometers, it runs a simplified version of Pong programmed in Arduino-C.

Measure Chest

An Arduino project that plays the chest opening music from Zelda 64. It continues the song and increases pitch until the chest is fully opened, as determined by a gyroscope.

3D ASCII Graphics

My first project in Unity3D. The game is rendered in 3D and then translated into a 2D array of alpha values which determine an ASCII character for each "pixel" on-screen.


This is a 2D platforming puzzle game built in my own custom Javascript game engine. The player must traverse parallel worlds to collect items and repair the ship.

Light Emoting Diode

C#/.NET console app and Arduino circuit that analyzes facial expressions captured from a webcam to change the color of an LED light strip based on your mood.